Artificial Intelligence


Imagine a process, wherein the behaviour of living individuals along with group behaviour correlates with a computer based program to equal extent. Where could an artificial learning process better be applied than in a steady running model of an entire Eco-process? One system that contains such features is called aquaponics …
Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Medical Imaging

By Silvia Kotterer, Vienna.  Computer-aided imaging diagnostics have provided a rapid advancement of traditional medical investigation processes. A reasonable future step will be the implementation of artificial intelligence modules in visual diagnostic tools and methods. The intelligent medical imaging (IMI) application will assist medical professionals by particular pattern recognition, documentation …
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics


What if there is something out there? Not outside the room, but out there in the universe? And not just anything, but a planet. Between all this void, a planet that’s probably habitable, just like our Earth. Far, far away, but we can reach it with a spaceship. So we …
Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality is finally here!

Over two decades, we have been waiting and watching as technology pioneers have been promising the ultimate Virtual reality experience. 2016 may well see the technology finally take off with VR companies introducing headsets set to take you into another world. What is Virtual Reality? Simply put, Virtual Reality tricks …
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Home is where the Robot is.

  When Mark Zuckerberg announced his New Year’s resolution for 2016, the world was not surprised. After all, building an intelligent home automation system is not a matter of fiction anymore, especially coming from the founder of Facebook. So what would a Robotic household of the future look like? Picture this: …