Pack your groceries in a tree

Pack your groceries in a tree


Imagine a walk in the local supermarket without having the trouble of buying groceries that are packed in plastics made of oil. Of course, plastics are very handy when it comes to packaging goods or reusability. I am pretty sure, however that everyone of us occasionally has remorse, owing to the consumption of the mass of plastics we use on a daily basis, considering the enormous plastic island in the Pacific Ocean between North America and Asia. Our guilt is probably caused by the bad influence on our environment from the ongoing use of fossil resources to produce plastics, as well as from plenty of the risks related to it. Plastics made of wood have the ability to solve a variety of problems we must face now and in future.


This can that affect our daily lives. The use of wood guides us one step further towards a world in which we can use goods without any guilt. Instead of having to recycle normal plastic, you can just throw it into your biodegradable collection bin or burn it in your oven as there is not even toxic glue involved. Instead of collecting and recycling plastics at a high cost, there is the big advantage of easy and cheap disposal. In addition, there is a transparent resource cycle as there is no need to hide anything.


Moreover, with this simple and at the same time ingenious idea we can become more independent of oil imports and will not be responsible for future oil drilling projects in sensitive permafrost areas, or in the arctic zone. We would only rely on a renewable resource that is exceptionally common: wood. This can be a big step for humanity after decades of stagnation. It is the chance to recreate plastic and walk a green path to a bright future as we deserve it. What are you waiting for? Pack your groceries in a tree.



Thomas Eberle, UAS Technikum Wien, Urban Renewable Energy Technologies

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