MEGAMON – The first gaming robot

In his final year of study, Silas Adekunle and his colleagues had the plan to bring robotics to local schools. This teaching program was called “Reach” and symbolizes the approach of using robotics to further people’s aspirations. This was the start of Reach Robotics and his first product is Megamon. Megamon is a series of robots similar to Pokémon.

Reach Robotics is a UK company which had the best robotic startup at the Innrobo 2015. They produce gaming robots that straddle the virtual and real worlds, to produce a new gaming experience. The company works at the robotics lab of the University of the West of England and Megamon is their first product.

Megamon, the first gaming robot, looks like a spider with 4 legs. The legs allow the robot to stomp, swivel and jump. It has an infrared camera and a tracking system so it can easily navigate and also detect other robots and people. With three degrees of freedom it is able to move in every direction. It’s controlled via smartphone by Bluetooth. There are two different kinds of Megamon: Brute and Berserker, which fight against each. They can fire lasers with the shoulder-mounted cannons and are able to block the other’s attack. There are also add-ons like new shields and booster, which change the robot’s looks and its performance.

Megamon is more than an entertainment product. With the developer software, the user is able to create customer motions. So the user can learn coding in an easy way. Children will become closely involved with robotics, and the robot will develop over time

The concept is creating a new gaming feeling for the future of entertainment and is teaching people coding and mechanics. It’s the first one of its kind and the dream of every gamer. The price is expected to be around $100 when it is available. Soon it will be the new toy of young and old.

Nicole Waldhuetter

Student at Technikum Wien University

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