Humans and drones

Maybe you are able to imagine the future of drones. Flying drones could transport the Amazon package to your house, which you ordered 1 hour ago. A drone could drop you a care package if you are hurt or in danger. Drones could also protect you and your children if criminals want to rob money from you. We all know that nowadays, old visions like these are reality. Now they are not integrated in our lifestyle. I am sure, that in a few decades they will be.

Now I want to discuss a really important question. In which application sector is a drone not expected? Nowadays the idea of a drone death match in space may be lunacy. I think it is lunacy, not because of our technical progress but because of waste. It could be reality.

Maybe in future it will be normal thing for a drone to harvest raw materials from other planets in short times. If in future this will be reality, we do not have to worry about decreasing resources on our planet, rather of overloading the planet so much that the earth can no longer follow its orbit.

Imagine, that a drone is able to heal cancer and HIV. Maybe in future, hundreds of nano drones will destroy diseases with small laser beams or a new teleporting technique. If you are hurt, they bandage your wound automatically. If you want to strengthen your muscles, they increase your power.

The expression “Worker Bee” could have a new meaning. Maybe in future, we will not talk about honey bees. We will talk about drones which are able to build big industry complexes or apartment buildings fully autonomously. Robots do not want a wage. Robots cannot be ill. Robots are efficient.

In the past we said it was not possible to travel to the moon. Before we had said the earth was a plate. Why should we say now that it is not possible to harvest from other planets, to lift a car with biomechanical muscles, to build a house in less than 1 hour? If a genie gave me the chance for one wish, I think the question “Is teleport possible in 30 years” would be wrong. I would ask “When will we arrive at the point at which we have destroyed ourselves?”

Walter Haslmair

Student at Technikum Wien University

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