An Application of Virtual Reality

By Christoph Niemann

Hey there! I guess you have already heard a lot about virtual reality. It is that fancy thing that is currently discussed regarding any kinds of video games. In another blog post here you can read information about it, like when it was released for the first time, the possibilities behind this idea and the problems it still has. I want to share with you an idea about how it can be used in a way that it wasn’t meant to be used in the first place.

Maybe some of you already have experienced an ultrasound examination, where a doctor puts a gel on your skin and then moves a stick on that gel to see what’s inside your body, for example: to make sure your unborn child is in good shape.

For surgical interventions, especially in the cardiac area, this imaging device is also used but it is inserted into the esophagus close to the heart. There a doctor can manipulate the sensor, like rotating it in any direction or simply moving it up and down. Therefore he normally needs to control the sensor position with one hand and with the other one he controls the orientation of it. To see a current image of the sensor, he has to look away from the patient to where the ultrasound device is been placed.

Now imagine you combine VR glasses with such an ultrasound sensor where the doctor can simply move his head and, by that, he also moves the sensor inside the body. He receives a full-scale image of the current sensor position and can easily change the sensor’s position without losing any visual information. Everything that he sees during the examination is also recorded for later investigation.

For any further information or discussion about my thoughts, you can leave me a message any time. I am looking forward to it!

Christoph Niemann

Student at Technikum Wien University

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