Holy Moley! Your Chef is a Robot

Moley kitchen


Mark Oleywick had a eureka moment in January 2014. Automate the process of cooking! He gave robotic arms to this vision by the end of September the same year and created a prototype. And that is how Moley was brought into the world.

Moley is your personal robotic chef. It’s a kitchen with an oven, stovetop, dishwasher, fridge, food processor, basic appliances and utensils. What separates Moley from any other kitchen is that there are two robotic arms, which emerge from the top of this kitchen to create your chosen dish. This robotic chef has about 20 joints, 129 sensors and about two dozen motors.

Image courtesy : Moley robotics
Image courtesy : Moley robotics


What is intelligent about Moley? Nothing! Apart from having multiple joints, the arms have numerous actuated degrees of freedom, tactile sensors and sophisticated control systems which makes it easier for the robotic arm known as MK1 to replicate the actions of the chef smoothly. The chef has to wear cyber gloves and 3D motion capture technology is used to film this process. The arm just replicates this process later and reproduces the exact same dish. It pauses and increases the induction heat with the same style flawlessly as the chef had originally done. The kitchen consists of a touchscreen panel, which can be used to select dishes. It can also be operated via a smartphone application. The idea is to have a repository of 2000 recipes which will be set up in an iTunes styled library so that it can grow with recipes from around the world.

When Moley was first tested, Master Chef Tim Anderson decided to go with Crab Bisque. So we know that Moley is capable of cooking up your average fare but also can serve some fine signature dishes.

Crab bisque created by the Robot Chef
Crab bisque created by the Robot Chef

Its no surprise then that Moley is already winning accolades from all over. Moley was premiered at the international robotics show- Hanover Messe. It was featured at the (Consumer Electronics Show) CES and was the winner of ‘Best of the Best’ competition for 2015.

That Moley and other robotic chefs will gain momentum in the domestic consumer market seems undeniable, especially for those with busy professional lives balancing work and home who cant cook every night. Will the technology come at a price that’s affordable enough to get into every home remains to be seen. If it does, personal robot chefs will soon be here to take over our kitchens.



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